Which skincare product is right for me?

September 02, 2017

Which skincare product is right for me?

Ever wondered or even get overwhelmed when you are in a cosmetic aisle and in front of an array of creams, lotions, serums, and so on for the face and completely confused as to what is the best skincare product or routine for you? Even more, when you are baffled by the language on the jar or box such as Green, Natural, Preservative Free, Chemical Free. As a trained chemist, I often encounter women struggling with this dilemma and I am tempted to help them. Some think I am weird to even offer this help while others are extremely grateful that I helped them read the label and make sense of it. This mess of not knowing what to buy or read between the lines led me to create Skincare that took away the stress of deciding what skincare routine you should go with. How? At Skinveda, we combine old science with new science. Old science is the science of understanding your skin from your mind-body and your lifestyles. It's true that how we react to stress is unique. Stress can be emotional, physical, or environmental and can directly affect our skin. Skinveda has therefore designed skincare based on our unique mind-body type, which is extremely accurate. A quiz called "What's your V?" where "V" means Vikriti, (a Sanskrit word for your present day mind-body imbalances) is a short quiz whose outcome leads to your skin type and that directs you to your skincare routine. If you are still unsure whether this is some kind of voodoo science or is it really that good, then I invite you to learn more at www.skinveda.com and learn about Ayurveda, Psychodermatology. 

Please feel free to ask questions and even send inquires by filling out the contact form on our website.

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