Our Story

A Word from Our Founder

I’m so glad you took the time to visit! We’re at a magical junction in holistic skincare and inner beauty. Science increasingly supports what the ancient Vedic sages have known all along: the light we bring to our daily lives comes from inner balance. 

Psychodermatology reveals the connection between brain and skin, specifically the interaction between state of mind and the nervous system, immune system and skin health. Ayurveda reveals how your mind-body constitution influences your feelings and reactions to various events and stimuli in your life, how they contribute to imbalance, and how to achieve homeostasis.

SkinVeda bridges both these revelations. The dosha-specific botanical collections I develop will nurture your skin back to a natural, balanced state. They’re 100% natural, vegan and gluten-free. You’ll feel them working and see the difference. That’s my promise to you.

Shilpi JainFounder & Chief Scientific Officer, SkinVeda



How SkinVeda began

SkinVeda was born of love and necessity. My son was diagnosed with childhood eczema. We tried conventional treatments, yet they failed to alleviate his symptoms in any meaningful way. I couldn’t stand to see him suffer and decided to take action.

As a chemist and trained R&D scientist, I was reluctant to use the recommended standard occlusive: petrolatum. Instead, I wanted to identify a bio-identical compound similar to leading anti-histamines. After a few short months of research, a soothing replenishing serum was born. I’m sure you know how this ends: my son experienced a dramatic and rapid resolution of his skin issues. I guess mothers know best!

Less is More

I value simplicity, applying a "less is more" philosophy to both my environment and inner life, including my formulations—I use only essential ingredients. I chose to expand my impact by educating family and friends on the importance of reading product labels, understanding how ingredients contribute to product effectiveness, and questioning the necessity of including multiple ingredients in commercial products. I advocate the use of multifunctional products, for affordability and eco-friendliness.

The Decision to Leave Commercial Skin Care

With over two decades as a principal scientist for major brands like Jack Black, Obagi, Revision Skincare, Elta MD, Joan Rivers, Image Skincare, Art of Shaving, Rocket Pure, Lily of the Desert, Freeman Beauty and more, I transitioned to creating multi-tasking products with minimal ingredient decks and responsibly-sourced botanical ingredients, emphasizing scientific validation for performance.

My Love for Ayurveda

Born into an East Indian family, my childhood is rooted in nature’s more exotic produce. Amla, coconut, neem and turmeric were just a few household staples - and therapies. Medicinal plants and spices, and how they relate to Ayurvedic principles, were simply a way of life.

Fast forward to my decision to develop a holistic skincare brand. Because Ayurveda is the science of longevity,  my brand’s identity was clear: SkinVeda - the science of skin.

How I Formulate

When formulating SkinVeda products, I focus on developing:

  1. Natural, gentler multi-tasking alternatives to everyday products
  2. Dosha-specific solutions for distinct skin issues

My expertise as a pharmaceutical and cosmetic chemist and Ayurvedic practitioner guides me to explore biomimetic compound chemistry, dosha imbalances, and beneficial botanical proportions. The results are always scientifically-backed, high-performance, dosha-specific products aligned with Ayurvedic principles and skin health.