Am I dry or dehydrated?
January 25, 2023

Am I dry or dehydrated?

We are often confused whether we are dry or dehydrated. Here is a simple way to tell. But, first, let us
understand the differences. Dry skin is a a consequence of not having enough oil production in your
skin. Dehydrated skin means your skin lacks water. You can be dry and dehydrated, but you cannot be
dry and oily. Our skin needs a balance of moisture (oil) and hydration (water) to keep the barrier intact
without being compromised. A compromised dermal-epidermal junction can mean a more sensitive
skin. Dehydrated skin cannot be solved by drinking water although drinking water is definitely important

to stay hydrated internally. But our skin needs hydration that can be achieved through the following
i) Using a water-based non-alcoholic toner can pump up the hydration especially when loaded
with hydrating ingredients such as aloe vera gel, plant saccharides, hyaluronic acid, as
ii) Using a moisturizer high in humectants (like glycerin, sodium hyaluronate, sodium PCA,
sorbitol, allantoin, and algae).
iii) Washing your face with gentle pH balanced cleansers without any sulfates.

Dry skin can be a result of not having enough sebum production that is typical in a normal skin. This
could be due to several reasons including the environment, genetics, medications, stress, medical
conditions (like diabetes, psoriasis, eczema), skincare products / chemicals and their side effects. The
symptoms may include itchiness, flakiness, redness, compromised barrier or broken skin, feeling of
tightness on the face, prone to sunburns, rough patches, scaly skin. To help with these symptoms, it is
important to moisturize the skin immediately after a shower and use lotions, oils rich in fatty acids,
ceramides, and humectants. Flaxseed oil, Dhatelo Oil, Jojoba Oil are extremely useful for dry skin. For
example, our Youth Restoring Abhyanga Face & body Oil is enriched with Wild Flax Oil, Saffron, Sesame
Seed oil, and Dhatelo oil (a rich oil from the foothills of the Himalayas that mimics our skin’s fatty acid
profile). Taking an oatmeal bath can also help alleviate symptoms of dry skin. Our Calendula
Horsechestnut Firming & Moisturizing cream is enriched with gluten-free oats. It is important to not
expose your skin to sulfates, harsh chemicals, including alcohol. A lifestyle change can help. We
recommend you take the dosha quiz to help you understand your mind-body type.