How to manage stress during holiday season?
December 04, 2016

How to manage stress during holiday season?

I am sure you have felt stressed out especially during this time of the year with organizing parties, while managing work stress, keeping sane with family life and kids and of course thriving on less than 7 hours of sleep. I notice as one of the first signs of stress being weight gain. And this may lead to feeling resentment or even more eating out of frustration because dieting is not a permanent solution. 

So, here I am writing to you the first three remedies.

1. Stay focused: Easier said than done! But when I say to stay focused, I mean to be mindful of your actions. The way to increase your concentration or mindfulness is through meditation even if it means 5 minutes at work or 10-15 minutes before sleep. 

2. Eat when hungry: This is so important. I have noticed when I go to late parties and the hostess has appetizers around 8 pm followed by late dinner it throws me off on my weight control. I end up eating just to please the hostess when I was not hungry as my inner clock is accustomed to having dinner at 6. Sometimes you just cannot avoid this scenario, but you can get back on track by eating when hungry.

3. Curb your carbs: Holiday parties are filled with cakes, chocolates, carb rich food! But we all know that carbohydrates in excess are the biggest culprit with weight gain. Instead try eating more fat and vegetables and fruits. Try getting your energy from proteins and if you are a vegan or lacto-vegetarian like me, you can find plenty of protein rich foods such as edamames, almonds, peanut butter, all nuts in moderation of course, hummus with celery, carrots, kale chips, black beans and quinoa, hemp seeds and so many more choices!