September 01, 2014

Ayurvedic Cure for Insomnia!

For centuries, Ashwagandha has been prescribed not only to treat infectious diseases, fevers and inflammatory conditions, but also to elevate mood, fight panic attacks, reduce anxiety and depression and alleviate insomnia. In fact, a clue to the calming effect of ashwagandha can be found in the second part of its scientific name, Withania somnifera; the word arises from the Latin word “somnus,” or sleep. 

People with anxiety and mostly Vata/Vata-Pitta doshas are most likely to experience the benefits. 

How does Ashwagandha relax the body and mind?

According to medical researchers, Ashwagandha owes its relaxant properties to a group of alkaloids called, withanolides. Other constituents – including other alkaloids called sitoindosides, along with saponins and assorted minerals – may also play a role in producing a state of relaxation.