Gut Cleaning = Healthy and vibrant skin and weight maintenance

June 09, 2016

Gut Cleaning = Healthy and vibrant skin and weight maintenance

Food combining has it's roots in the whole idea of maintaining a proper pH (acid-base) balance in your gut and in your blood. The modern American diet generates a significant amount of acid requiring that your bones release calcium to make your blood more alkaline and to bring the acid-base levels back into balance which can in turn weaken the bones. Excess of protein can throw off this balance. To counter acid, you need potassium and magnesium, ideally from plant based foods. Here is a little cheat sheet for food combining:

1. Eat proteins and carbohydrates separately 

2. Eat only one concentrated protein at each meal.

3. Have dessert. Dark Chocolate is the best.

4. Eat your food warm or at room temperature. Cold food inhibits digestion.

5. Eat fruit alone on an empty stomach as fruit meal. 

6. Diuretics like artichoke work wonderfully to not only help with water retention but increase bile juice and in turn detoxify our bodies!



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