"I have been using Skinveda Amlaki Cocoin Milk Facial Lotion ($48 in the shop) twice a day for about one month. I’m 60 years old, very few wrinkles, enlarged, clogged pores in my T-zone and mild acne flare-up mostly on the chin. I tested this lotion in conjunction with the Amlaki Chamomile Cleansing Crème.

This product line is based on Ayurvedic principals and is supposed to bring balance to the skin. The ingredients are all natural, sustainably sourced. This lotion is formulated to address t-zone areas. The base is aloe vera and coconut, active ingredients are amla fruit (gooseberry) extract and tulsi (basil) oil. Amla is high in vitamin C. These ingredients have been used in India for thousands of years and have anti-bacterial properties.

The brown glass bottle has a pump, and two pumps are enough to cover the face. The lotion is quickly absorbed into the skin, and does not have a greasy feel, or leave any residue. The scent is earthy-herby and quite soothing.

After about a week of twice daily use, I noticed a big difference in the pores and breakouts. While my pores are still noticeable, they are not as clogged. The blemishes on my chin cleared up. The lotion seems to have an exfoliating effect too, as the patches of dry, flaky skin around blemishes is also gone. My skin is overall much smoother, and acne scarring seems to be fading. The anti-bacterial claims are certainly true. I have not gotten such positive results from any other product line I have tried.

After more than a month of twice a day application, I have used only about half of the 1.7 oz. bottle, and feel this is a good value, based on the excellent results. Highly recommend! Paula (Truth in Aging Community Member)

"I've used drug store to high-end firming cremes and lotions, nothing worked on my skin. Skinveda's firming and Moisturizing Creme is the best! I love Skinveda's passion to use best ingredients and a great customer service is a bonus!
Diane C., Carlsbad, CA
"I have really enjoyed using Skinveda Products.   I am 53 and my face is clearer and more even toned than it's been since my 30's; I especially love that my face and neck are moisturized without the shine I have seen in the past.  As I work towards better health I'm looking forward to using other products that will improve the appearance of skin on my body. Thank you Shilpi, for your passion for people and to provide a quality product. May you have continued success." Sheila, Dallas, Texas  
 "I have been using SkinvedaTM products in my aesthetic practice for 10 months with great success.Their mask treatments are hydrating and effective. Being in the skin care industry for over 20 years, it is nice to use a product line that is organic and effective. My patients love the delivery and how the mask treatments feel, I would recommend this product to medical spas and day spas."
Lisa Bauer, RMA, Skin And Laser Specialist
"Excellent products! My whole family use the BB cream. I also like the firming cream. My teenage daughter like the BB cream, and the Replenishing Serum. The founder, Shilpi is very sweet, kind, and knowledgeable person. She sent me some good samples in a goody bag to try out. I love all your samples. Thank you, Shilpi!" Alicia Kow, Plano, TX
 "Love these products! I also love that they are cruelty-free and it's a woman owned business. Great job!" Ashley B. Parks, Dallas, TX

"SASA Cosmetics and Consulting LLC developed a wound care product for us that compares favorably with the national brand, on time and on budget."
Contract Manufacturer, Dallas, TX

"I'm so excited about this new cosmetic line based on Ayurvedic herbs combined with modern technology. The company is based right here in my backyard, in Plano! I highly recommend it! ♥" Alina Olteanu, Physician, Plano, TX

"SkinvedaTM is a step above other natural skin care products I have tried. The first time I started using SkinvedaTM, I was struggling with a strange combination of oily, dry, and acne prone skin. After only a couple days using these cleansers and moisturizers, my skin balanced out and made a turn-around. After that, I looked more into Ayurveda, and found it has thousands of years of history! No wonder the products work."
Maya Jedlicka, Founder, The cherrymango.com

"I have always been a Sephora girl...I love their products. But what separates you from some of their top selling items is not only price, but a little of yours goes a long way. I love your cleanser and moisturizer for my combination skin."
Valerie King, President, V. King Media

 "My favorite masque, Neem Amla Clarifying Masque! I use this masque when I feel like I need to really clean my skin. The ayurvedic ingredients really give the usual clay masque a powerful boost." Pauline W, Texas
 "I've come across the Skinveda line in a local Whole Foods, and as I was looking for a product to help me reduce my cellulitis before bikini season. After some research on other brands, I gave this one a shot... And I'm so glad I did! I've been using it once daily for over a month now. I apply it right after the shower, so it penetrates very easily and requires very little product to cover the treated area - back thighs and glutes. Within a couple of weeks, I could already appreciate the results!!! Less orange-peel appearance skin, no more sensitive-achy skin where the cellulite used to be and even the texture of the skin has changed! My skin is more even and firmer in the areas where the cream is applied. Based on the results, and due to the small amount required for the cream to work, I'm considering now to apply it to other areas of the body for a firmer and more even skin.
I sooooo love this product, I've already recommended it to several friends, and my mom is using it too! I highly recommend Skinveda's products (I'm also using other products of the line)." Douchka L, Dallas, Texas
 "I was given a sample of this product at a demo from Whole Foods. I was skeptical of the results, however after using the product faithfully twice a day for 6 weeks, I have seen dramatic improvement on the back of my thighs (my most stubborn spot!). The Sculpting Cream is not a quick overnight fix, but slowly breaks down the fatty tissue to firm the area up. I spoke to the Chemist and owner of the company in person (which doesn't happen with most companies, so big kudos to the company for that!) she explained the process in detail to me. I was so pleased with the results, that I'm now on my second bottle and could not be happier. In fact, I've now also purchased the BB Tinted Sunscreen and a few more products from her. They are all wonderful! Nothing feels sticky, but always light, have pleasant scents and really works if you follow the directions as instructed. I'll never use anything other than Skinveda! It has literally changed how I view all skincare products. I believe it's the best out on the market. Very faithful customer." Chloe, Texas
 "Narangi Marigold Soothing Toner: Light, refreshing nice smell never sticky I love that my face feel so fresh and clean! Alcohol free and plant based leaves your skin feeling rejuvenating." Chloe, Texas
 "I have been following SkinVeda for about three or four years now since seeing them at a local trade show event. The story behind the various Ayruvedic ingredients is fascinating to me and I am a big fan of Eastern medicine and anything involving a holistic approach. This moisturizer is light and soaks in quickly, just the way I like them to do. Not only is this a great product, it's a great value too!" TJ
 "I was pleasantly surprised after using this product for for a few days at how smooth and clear my skin looked. My skin felt soft and had a subtle glow to it. I would encourage anyone who is looking for a eco-friendly and chemical free product to try this. This product uses the best quality Ayurvedic ingredients which makes it uniquely different then whats currently available."
New Mommy (Amazon.com)
 "I use this product day and night. I struggled with the price of it but figured it wasn't any more expensive than the products I was buying week after week only to be dissatisfied with. The first time I used it I knew I had found my forever cream! Not enough words to describe how in love with this I'm in. When a lady finally finds "the perfect product" she needs to stick with it and I have! People even have noticed a difference in the wrinkles. They've basically disappeared compared to before I started using this product! Should be able to have a 10 star rating!" Chloe

"I have fallen in love with the Skinveda products after using them for only 2 weeks. My skin is balancing and feeling the best it has in years. I use the BB cream everyday & I used the Rose Sesame firming masque for the first time yesterday. Thank-you Shilpi."
Deborah Mileham

Over the years , my skin had developed age spots including hyperpigmentation and an uneven texture. I used the BB Moisturizing Cream SPF 50 and noticed a difference within a few short weeks. The pigmentation lightened and the skin tone was better. Also, there was no need to use an additional sunscreen. I'm definitely looking forward to using more Skinveda products in the near future. 
 Kiran Physician

"I have been using Skinveda’s BB cream for a while. I wore it on a recent August trip to San Diego when the weather was sunny and hot in the high 90’s. I wore the BB cream (SPF of 55) on my face. I had forgotten to apply sunscreen on my body. At the end of the day, my arms and chest area, which was exposed, had at least a 2nd degree burn, but my face was not affected. I was impressed that a completely natural product could be such an effective sunblock. The BB cream glides on my face and gives my skin a flawless look. I love that it’s a sunblock without being greasy." Jini M Pharmacist

"I love the BB cream, and the sculpting cream. I was surprised at how fast I saw results with the sculpting cream. It's amazing to see the cellulite reduced so much on my thighs. I love the new pump too on the bottle, so much easier to dispense the product. The BB cream is the best I have used so far. I tried all the over-the- counter ones and found them to be chalky and made my skin greasy at the end of the day. Skinveda BB cream is matte and keeps my skin feeling clean all day. It also blends perfectly with dark brown complexion. It's a keeper!"
Jamie P Interior designer
 "I love Skinveda because they are cruelty-free and vegan! I discovered them because they are listed as a PETA Business Partner. They have some AMAZING sunblock and sculpting cream! I highly recommend this brand to anyone looking to achieve better skin with a good conscience*=)."
Meggan A Beverly Hills, California, Model, Actor
 "Skinveda products are made from natural ingredients and great for the skin.  The couple of products I have used have shown great change in my skin . I love the cucumber face wash and the sunscreen." Vijaya R Coppell, Texas, Physician
 "Great customer service and products are good; they have not broken out my skin which is sensitive.  I'd recommend their products!"
Shannon R, Aledo, TX, JewelryinCandles
 "I really love both the concept as well as several of the products in this all natural line and esp the fact that the ingredients have been studied but not in animals. :)To be honest this is the first line that has ever worked for my skin so am planning on continuing to use.
There is a quiz (sign-in not needed) on the websiteSkinVeda.com where in about 1 minute you can find out what products would be best for your "Dosha" or body's constitution. I tried a sample of Curcuma (Turmeric) and Orange Oil cleanser which left my feeling very clean. I will be placing an order for more of that as well. Footnote. Write to the owner,  she is knowledgable, local, vegan and vegetarian friendly, and honest. If she can't help you, at least she will put you in the right direction."
Al J Plano, TX
 "Excellent quality of products!! I love that they have cruelty free, vegan skincare products that actually work. Sometimes, we are guilted into using products that are better for the environment or animals because they're more ethical. Not only does this company support better treatment of animals through their cruelty free and vegan products, but it also provides fantastic results. For sure an amazing company that deserves more recognition."
Sandra V Clermont, FL
 "Since meeting you at your Laboratory, and obtaining the products, I have been applying the Tulsi Pore Refiner for exfoliation results,on the hair line and nose. This product is gentle to the skin, even near the eyes and upper cheeks, as  I could remove the dead skin cells by circular motion of a finger tip. The Serum  was effective as a remedy from skin dryness to a normal balance. Also noticed any redness from a blemish ,faded to light pink.
See you in a few weeks for more of these products and the cream. "                     Thomas W,Texas
 "I'm always on the hunt for high end Ayurvedic skin care products. I am impressed by the owner of SkinVeda, Shilpi Jain for her background as a chemist and love for Ayurveda. She has created products that reflect her passion and her expertise. I was lucky enough to see the lab where she creates SkinVeda magic and was impressed by the cleanliness and organization. Def give SkinVeda a try!"
Kyra S., Venice, CA Ayurveda Instructor. Exhale Center for Sacred Movement & Naam Yoga LA
 "I am loving the products. My skin looks better than it has in years. I would love to see some products for lips. I have terrible vertical lines in my lips and they never seem to get enough moisture."
Lisa W., Texas

"I have celiacs and find it very challenging to find companies that have products I can use. Skinveda is one of the few that is careful with their ingredients. More important the cleanser and face lotion are gentle yet effective. I've noticed my skin is less dry and irritated since I started using these products a few weeks ago. I've shared my new "find" with my friends and family.
Also glad to have met Jain Shilpi the Skinveda rep.at Whole Foods,who introduced me to this line. Again,thank you."
Jennifer R, Plano, TX
"I have used the Skinveda Abhyanga Youth Oil for a few weeks now, and I love the moisturizing and gentle feel of the oil. It doesn't sit on the skin, gets absorbed right away, and is non-greasy (unlike other oils). The moisturizing effects last throughout the day. I would definitely recommend this for anyone looking for an organic and chemical-free moisturizer! Also, I have mixed the oil with the Skinveda Moisturizer for maximum effect."
Navneet S, Plano, TX