Affiliate Program

Skinveda is available at select retailers such a wellness spas, specialty stores, spas and salons.

Do you want your local salon, spa or wellness center to offer Skinveda?
Just let us know and we will supply all necessary information. 

Join our Affiliate Program and earn money right away and get 10% referral commission for sales upto $150 per month or $25% for over $150 per month.

If you love our concept of being a vegan, ayurvedic, sustainable woman-owned skincare line and want to spread the word, then we want you. Join our affiliate program and earn commission on all products that you or your friends buy. Please visit:

How to Request Skinveda at your favorite local store?

Just ask! Consumer product requests are simple!  Simply let your favorite store know that Skinveda carries Ayurvedic, cruelty free products you would buy if the store kept it in stock. You can do this by filling out a customer service card or suggestion card at the retailer or even by speaking with a manager. Then, send us an email via our “contact us” form with the store’s contact name and address. We will follow up your contact with information about our products, making it easy for them to order.